About TBC


Hi! I'm so glad you're here.

I'm Tammy Bruzon, millennial freelancer for hire and digital strategist  extraordinaire, at your service.

I got my start as a humanities nerd at SUNY Buffalo studying Classics and Art History. Today, my love of timeless art, design, and the written word continues to inform my aesthetic and content choices. I'm always seeking smart composition, bold color palettes, and compelling typography.

I am also a product of my generation: I type, therefore I am! My technical knowledge and unique style has allowed me to become a creative and capable digital strategist.

My experiences in community building, blogging, content development and management, strategic planning, email marketing, and HTML/CSS modifications have prepared me to help you make the most of your digital assets. 

I pride myself on being a Jack-of-all-trades, and I want to support my clients in identifying and achieving their digital goals.